10w Wireless Charger w/Touch LED Lamp


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Please ensure that your device is QI ready – check with your place of purchase or manufacturer for confirmation.

Beautifully crafted bed side table with a QI Wireless charger pad and inbuilt LED Touch Lamp. Clean and stylish, you will truly enjoy the silicon finish and the very practicality of our device. It is a must have by your bed, no more annoying entangled cable … Just drop your phone and let is charge overnight!

Tech info :

– Model : HT-12
-Android / IOS
– Input Power : 18w Max (based on your source)
– Input Voltage : 5v 2A / 9V 1.67A
– Output Power : 10w Max (requires a 9V source)
– Charging Efficiency : 70%-80%
– Dimension : 115×115×10MM
– Colour : Blue

Please note there is no USB adaptor included, we highly recommend a 9V (QC charger/Fast Charge) to enable fast charge/10w. Using your regular 5v USB charger will result in slow charge and potentially malfunction.