Gaming Mouse 10000 DPI 13 Programmable Buttons


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Our gaming mouse on both sides set RGB lamp belt running horse streaming a variety of lighting effects, increase the game atmosphere. For game enthusiasts to optimize the design of special equipment, with macro programming functions. Precise positioning, comfortable operation, high reliability, and operation fun. Ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

This gaming mouse is a Special configuration file switch button, you can choose to switch the configured custom file. Comfortable finger groove. Let each finger have the right winch position. Make it comfortable to fit the key surface. With 1500-2500-4000-7000-10000DPI, there are 5 adjustment gears. Turn it up to next gear will light 1 more light, and so on. On the 5th gear, all 4 lights will light.

Gaming Mouse 10000 DPI 13 Programmable Buttons Ergonomically & Convenient Design Ergonomically designed makes it fits naturally in your hand and helps reduce hands fatigue, Inner 20g adding extra weight is for gaming especially.

This mouse is Analyzing the feedback data from a great many players shows that the symmetrical & streamlined’ s design is able to provide a comfortable claw-grip design, long-term use without fatigue. Top choice for computer game players with anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant that can keep your grip firmly during gameplay. Excellent wired pc gaming mouse for casual gamers.