PC Gaming 2.0 Channel Stereo Desktop Speakers (Speaker)


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Do you enjoy listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies on your computer? Try the PC Gaming 2.0 Channel Stereo Desktop Speakers. You will benefit from performances definitely superior to those of your original speakers, at a very affordable price.

✅The compact size makes you feel fascinated. Whether standing alone on either side of the monitor or lying underneath, you will love it either way. 2.0 channel stereo core – equipped with an advanced sound driver unit with a full range of 2.0 channel stereo cores… Turn it to the max and enjoy the ride.

✅Plug and play, with wide compatibility – USB comes with 3.5mm audio and microphone cable, making this rock star a party on various stages of PC, TV, and laptop. Connect all the devices well on the device and let the party start.

✅Convenient volume knob – The sophisticated volume knob combined with the on/off switch ensures that you can easily and accurately adjust the volume. Additional devices and microphone ports with extra audio are available to meet the needs of your other peripherals.


  • Output Power: 3W
  • Backlit: Red